Experience profound healing with BodyTalk

What is BodyTalk?
BodyTalk is an energy healing practice that restores the mind/body connection by
identifying weakened or damaged internal energy circuits. We believe the body
contains the innate wisdom to heal itself on all levels, however at times assistance is
required in restoring communication and removing barriers that prevent full healing. BodyTalk
recognizes how thoughts, emotions and belief systems filter down and affect the
physical body. We address health challenges by treating the bodymind complex as a
whole, taking into account body, mind, and spirit.

How does it work?
Stress abounds in everyday life, and prolonged stress or trauma can cause the bodymind
complex to become disconnected and result in symptoms of disease if left unaddressed.
Body Talk Practitioners tap into the innate wisdom of the client to reveal their story and
help release emotional holdings and belief systems that are dysfunctional in order to
facilitate the body’s natural self-healing ability. To do this we use a form of biofeedback, a
subtle muscle reflex technique, to highlight the essential information needed for healing
priority and sequence-based formulas. Then, a combination of light contact, tapping, and
breathing facilitates the changes required for the body to heal itself.

What can I expect?
A BodyTalk session is different for each individual, even from session to session. Some
people report an audible quality, while others may notice physical sensations and for some
there is nothing remarkable at all other than an extreme sense of relaxation and
grounding. Regardless of the experience during the session, each person receives the
healing that is right for them at that moment in time which continues even after you have
left the session.


Alicia Bennett, CBP - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Alicia brings a gentle touch and calm energy to each Body Talk session, using her intuition to tap into a client’s innate wisdom to help bring about profound healing changes. Having taken on many roles in her career as a scheduler in the automotive industry and as an IT specialist in the insurance industry, it wasn’t until Alicia learned about Body Talk in 2016  that she found her true passion. Over the course of several years, Alicia completed the requirements to become a fully certified BodyTalk practitioner with the International Body Talk Association in 2020.  When not consuming books on physiology and psychology, Alicia enjoys spending time exploring local hiking trails with her family and dog Rocky.

“After my first Body Talk session, I remember feeling relaxed and incredibly grounded, a feeling I was not accustomed to.  It was lovely!  I signed up for a one-day course being offered near me and was hooked!  This led me on my journey to become fully certified in 2020.  It’s truly an amazing feeling when working with someone, to see what comes up in a session and how that information “clicks” - allowing profound opportunities for healing.  Even today I continue to be in awe of what the human body and mind is capable of!”


June 26th  ~  July 10th  ~  July 24th  ~  August 7th

To book your Body Talk appointment call: 519-729-0023

or email: bodytalkalicia@gmail.com

Body Talk Biofeedback session - $75 +hst 

Each session varies in length and is adjusted by practitioner according to client need - approx 1 hour in length.

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