About Us

Healing Begins at Thermography Clinic Kitchener

A specialty wellness clinic in the heart of Belmont Village

Our Story

Thermography Clinic Kitchener was established in 2008 by an extraordinary mother-daughter team with a simple goal in mind: to bring quality thermography services to the Kitchener Waterloo region.  Inspired by a recent recovery from breast cancer surgery and treatment, founder Mary was frequently traveling over an hour to access clinical thermography imaging to help monitor her cancer treatment. It was during one of these lengthy commutes that Mary decided she must find a way to bring this valuable early screening tool to her community.  In collaboration with her daughter Amy, the doors to the clinic were opened with a renewed mission: to educate others about the transforming power of Thermography.

Our Mission

Thermography Clinic Kitchener provides quality thermographic imaging services and holistic therapies that reinforce the innate healing abilities within us all. We believe all individuals deserve care that respects individual needs and choices, acknowledges the role of environment, culture, social connection, and the intricate connection between the mind-body-spirit and the healing process.

“I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking what can i do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther”

Rupi Kaur – Legacy

Professional Affiliations

College of Nurses of Ontario  

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

CACT member (Canadian Association of Clinic Thermography)

Our Founders

Mary Kubisewsky

Owner, Breast cancer survivor & Certified Thermography Technician

Mary Kubisewsky

Owner, Breast cancer survivor & Certified Thermography Technician

Mary is a breast cancer survivor and certified thermography technician from the International Academy of Clinical Thermography.  She completed her training in 2008 with Alexander Mostovoy at Thermography Clinic Inc. in Toronto.  Prior to opening Thermography Clinic Kitchener, Mary enjoyed a career as an education assistant with the Waterloo Regional Catholic School Board.  She’s a proud wife and mother of four exceptional daughters, “Nana” to her nine grandchildren and enjoys spending time with her family, preferably somewhere lakeside around a campfire.

“What is really exciting to me is that we can change the course of breast cancer by providing an early warning, up to 10 years sooner than other screening methods!  I encourage all women to find peace of mind with this incredible technology – we no longer have to wait for the lump before taking action.”

Amy Ball

Owner, Director, Registered Nurse, Wellness Educator, Certified Thermography Technician

Amy Ball

Owner, Director, Registered Nurse, Wellness Educator, Certified Thermography Technician

With over 20 years of registered nursing experience in critical care, peri-operative and community settings, Amy brings a unique perspective to the daily operations of the clinic, where she recently took over as managing director and wellness educator in 2020.  Having witnessed the limitations of our provincial health care system first-hand, Amy is inspired by her mom’s experience and feels drawn to help others find healing on a deeper level.  As a busy mom to three young daughters, Amy has a true understanding of how difficult it can be to make time for self-care.  When she does find a moment to herself, Amy enjoys healing in nature, crafting, music and meditation.

“I feel incredibly blessed to work alongside my courageous mom, who’s passion for advancing women’s wellness has motivated me to do the same.  I’m committed to educating others about the effects of chronic stress and trauma on our whole being.  I wish to teach clients easy ways to create their own care pathways towards whole health and well-being, honouring the intricate connection between the mind-body-spirit and the healing process.

Our Team

Alicia Bennett​

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Alicia brings a gentle touch and calm energy to each BodyTalk session, using her intuition to tap into a client’s innate wisdom to help bring about profound healing changes. Having taken on many roles in her career as a scheduler in the automotive industry and as an IT specialist in the insurance industry, it wasn’t until Alicia learned about BodyTalk in 2016 that she found her true passion. Over the course of several years, Alicia completed the requirements to become a fully certified BodyTalk practitioner with the International BodyTalk Association in 2020. When not consuming books on physiology and psychology, Alicia enjoys spending time exploring local hiking trails with her family and dog Rocky.

“After my first BodyTalk session, I remember feeling relaxed and incredibly grounded, a feeling I was not accustomed to. It was lovely! I signed up for a one-day course being offered near me and was hooked! This led me on my journey to become fully certified in 2020. It’s truly an amazing feeling when working with someone, to see what comes up in a session and how that information “clicks” – allowing profound opportunities for healing. Even today I continue to be in awe of what the human body and mind is capable of!”

Sandra Pendle

Three Ferns Forest Therapist

Nature has always been a large part of Sandra’s life, taking on further meaning after the arrival of her three children. Finding traditional meditation methods difficult, Sandra discovered the act of foraging and “forest bathing” as a beautiful way to immerse oneself in nature, by engaging the senses to quiet the brain and strengthen the mind. Following a decade-long career as a trained chef and dietary manager in a LTC residence, Sandra decided to dedicate her time to her young family, and to dream about turning her love for nature into a career. Completing the Coyote Mentorship program at the Guelph Outdoor School has allowed Sandra to share her knowledge of foraging, forest healing and love for nature with others in a more formal way. In her free time, Sandra loves spending time in the forest with her three boys, and using foraged goods to create healing teas, tinctures, and crafts.

“I’m excited to be able to share this very special and important skill with others. I love teaching others how to deepen their connection with nature and mother earth, and in turn finding peace and healing. Forest bathing and foraging can be very simple with a few guidelines and resources. Everything is an arms reach if you know what you’re looking for!”