Cranial, Dental and Thyroid Thermography

Thermography offers a non-invasive, non-radiologic way to measure areas of inflammation in the dental, cranial and thyroid regions.  Chronic sources of inflammation can compromise the immune system and lead to chronic illness, heart disease and cancer. 

Multiple studies have linked both dental pathology and thyroid dysfunction to breast cancer. 

With thermographic imaging, we can identify areas of suspected inflammation and infection.  Once an area of concern is identified, further investigation and treatment is recommended.

Benefits of Cranial, Dental & Thyroid Thermography:

  1. BulletTo evaluate the functional condition of the thyroid structure.

        (Hypo or hyper conditions)

  1. BulletPresence of inflammation from nodular formations

  2. Bullet      Appearances of oral and sinus infections

  3. BulletDetect ‘hidden’ oral infections

  4. BulletInflammation from TMJ

  5. BulletQuantify post-surgical inflammation

Possible dental involvement lower left 3rd molar and lower left 1st premolar. Abnormal nipple and areolar temperatures and global hyperthermia Breast cancer later confirmed

Left Breast CA with Dental Pathology

Dental Pathology with right Breast Mastectomy

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Sample Reports


                Cranial Imaging Report-Sample 1

                Cranial Imaging Report-Sample 2

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